The heart of any web site is the design. Web Portal Servicesrealizes that businesses need a web presence, and that presence is cost-restrictive for many small businesses. Today, your web page is your digital business card.


Let's be realistic, a web site is not going to bring hundreds of customers unless you product or service is very unique or you spend thousands of dollars every month to be in the top results of search engines. We are not going to promise the impossible. Without a web site your customers question your credibility. They look at you as if you are selling out of the trunk of your car.






Sure everyone is talking about Facebook and companies direct marketing, but Facebook or other social media alone won't cut it. Your social media is your page on someone else's site. They also track you and sell your information to your competitors. Social media is a great way for you to stay in touch with your (already loyal) customers and efficiently notify them and the public in general about new products and services, shipment arrivals, sales, and to answer inquiries about specific items. Your web site is your professional identity.


You have worked hard to build your business, betting it all on this venture, so be the professional that you are. To help that Web Portal Services has an artistic style that is clean, simplistic, and professional. Just go to any Fortune 100 Company's web site and you will get lost in the tens of thousands of pages that they have. You do not need a news release every time that you buy a box of pencils. Many people can not find what they are looking for.In an attempt, many larger companies are turning to social media to reduce the clutter on their web sites.






Our web designs have an elegance in simplicity. Just look at this site. We can putin abstract video, enough flashing colors to make you nauseous, and other gimmicks, but that would only take away from what you do . We know what your customers will come to your site for, and we design it to meet their needs in the most efficient manner. People look for the following from our clients' sites:


  • Someone referred your company and they want to learn more
  • See if your company actually has a web site
  • Find your email address
  • See if your web site looks professional
  • Find your phone number
  • Find directions to your store or office
  • Find your hours of operation
  • Find your mailing address
  • Confirm that your products or services are in the category that they are looking for
  • As part of a credit check to set up a credit account or get a loan