Web Portal Services is a different kind of technology company; we focus on the small business. Your business is not a technology company. You did not go into business to design web sites, wrangle web servers, control domains, set up networks, etc. We did.






Today "outsourceing" has become a bad word; it conjures images of American jobs being sent overseas. Companies have been outsourceing IT as long as IT has been around. IT services areone of the most common services outsourced by business. Web Portal Servicesis an American company located right here in the USA.





Our focus is on affordable web sites. We design sites that functional and have an elegance in simplicity.





Today there is more to technology. It has fractured into specific areas of expertise. You have to deal with IT planning, networking, server administration, hardware, applications, web design, web site content, internet telephony (VOIP), secure networks(VPN), graphic design, form template design, and the list goes on... We can relieve all or part of the burden. Web Portal Services has provided complete IT solutions for some of our clients. Much of these services can be done remotely after initial set up. We can also do upgrades to your current system.